Actinomyces bovis

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Ac·ti·no·my·ces bo·'vis

a species of bacteria that causes actinomycosis in cattle; infection in humans is not established; it is the type species of its genus.
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Ac·ti·no·my·ces bo·vis

(ak'ti-nō-mī'sēz bō'vis)
A species of bacteria causing actinomycosis in cattle; infection in humans is not established. It is the type species of its genus.
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Actinomyces bovis

A species that causes actinomycosis in cattle.
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Actinomycotic osteomyelitis of mandible or maxilla is diseases of cattle caused by the Gram positive branching filamentous microorganism, Actinomyces bovis (Militerno, 2008).
The samples of all animals were positive for Actinomyces bovis. The distinct gram positive filaments organism was pragmatic under the microscope (Fig.2).
Actinomyces bovis is the primary etiologic agent of actinomycosis in the cattle and is an important cause of economic losses in livestock because of its widespread occurrence and poor response to the routine clinical treatment (Blowey and Weaver, 1990).The losses occur directly from the debilitation of affected cattle and indirectly from the slaughter of animals.