prurigo aestivalis

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pru·ri·go aes·ti·va·'lis

prurigo recurring each summer, becoming very severe as long as the hot weather continues.
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The test is positive in 60%-70% of white patients with actinic prurigo and in 4%-8% of controls.
Similarly, Mexican mestizos with actinic prurigo are likely to test positive to HLA A29-B39, and Canadian Cree First Nations people tend to test positive to the HLA A24 subtype.
Native Americans are, in fact, more likely than are other patients with actinic prurigo to experience conjunctivis and/or cheilitis, which can be excellent diagnostic clues.
These were key to the diagnosis of actinic prurigo, along with the fact that his photosensitive rash consisted of itchy papules that developed 30 minutes after sun exposure.
Williams said recent publications call into question the traditional notion that actinic prurigo is a form of PMLE.
Phototesting is more sensitive in actinic prurigo, producing positive results in about 60% of patients, compared with only about 20% of patients with PMLE.