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CEO Robert Hubert said that in the ULTIMA study, 50 patients with pulmonary embolism and enlarged right hearts will be randomised to receive either standard of care anti-coagulation or Actilyse (Boehringer Ingleheim) delivered via the EKOS EkoSonic Endovascular Device.
The company anticipates that delivery of Actilyse directly into the pulmonary embolism in the presence of the ultrasound generated by the EkoSonic Device will result in complete dissolution of the obstructing embolism with restoration of right heart function and a reduction in the number of patients with long-term side effects from their pulmonary embolism, further said Hubert.
5 mg Actilyse per ml) were added to a Hellige thrombelastograph cuvette containing platelet-free and platelet-rich plasma samples (prepared by differential centrifugation).