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Olaf, Swedish surgeon, 1717-1806. See: Acrel ganglion.
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In addition to Striefsky and Coyne, Thompson Hine partners Bob Curry and Dianne Coscarelli are also ACREL members.
ACREL, a nonprofit organization devoted to improving the practice of real estate law across the country, is comprised of more than 950 lawyers who are distinguished for their outstanding legal ability, experience and professional and ethical conduct, and their contributions to the practice of real estate law.
With Goodheart's election, and the existing membership of the firm's stockholder, Michael Buckley, Jones Vargas is the only firm in Nevada with two attorneys serving as ACREL members.
In addition to her work with the ACREL, Goodheart has served as Chairperson for the City Center Development and on the Board of Trustees for the Desert Wetlands Preservation.
TABLE 9 OLS Regressions with ACREL as the Dependent Variable, N = 151 Variables Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Intercept 0.
For a segment of banks, this may have caused a partial reversal of the inverse relationship between risk capacity and ACREL that might be more typically observed in an expansion where real estate and construction is not the central driver of economic activity.