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When the source of interest is located in the singular area, noise fluctuations can have a strong influence on the acoustic energy flux, causing the performance of SAIE to deteriorate rapidly.
From the figures, it is apparent that more acoustic energy is absorbed in the skull-bone layer and minimum energy approaches the head center and the corresponding acoustic pressure at the head center varies accordingly.
Whereas nasalance value estimates the relative amount of nasal energy compared to the total acoustic energy (oral and nasal), vocalized in a given production, it is assumed that noise external to the glottal source, as the place where friction is generated may have an impact on nasalance values.
Both the spectrogram and power spectrum reveal a great deal of acoustic energy in the upper harmonics of each singer.
In this study, only acoustic energy sensor is used, so there is one neuron in output layer.
Figure 6 shows the attenuation of acoustic energy in the PVC sheet of 3 mm thickness.
When a duct system opens abruptly into a large room, some low-frequency acoustic energy at the exit of the duct is reflected back into the duct (end reflection).The result is the amount of acoustic energy discharged into the room is reduced.
* The greatest amount of continuous acoustic energy was recorded between 500 Hz and 16 000 Hz for the hand-held group of toys.
"The acoustic energy from the music can pass through body tissue, causing the cantilever to vibrate."
Total acoustic energy of nightly chorus events was estimated by integration of the sound pressure amplitude with duration above a threshold based on daytime background levels.
A transducer takes messages, translates them into acoustic energy and sends a pulse out through the water in an area greater than 50 nautical square miles.