Acorus calamus

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sweet flag

A perennial herb, the rhizone of which contains mucilage, sesquiterpenes and volatile oils (azulene, camphor, cineole, eugenol, pinene and others); it is carminative, spasmolytic and mildly sedative.

Chinese medicine
In traditional Chinese medicine, sweet flag has been used for deafness, seizures and vertigo.

Herbal medicine
In Western herbal medicine, sweet flag has been used for fever, gastrointestinal complaints (dyspepsia and flatulence), menstrual disorders, toothache and tobacco addiction.
Aserone, one of sweet flag’s volatile oils, is carcinogenic; the FDA has classified sweet flag as “unsafe”.
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For the preparation of homogenate or sample 100 adult beetles of same size and age of Callosobruchus analis were treated with LC50of four under test compounds i.e., Cypermethrin (2.2 ug/cm2), Nimolicine (19 ug/cm2), Acorus calamus (5.1 ug/cm2) and Methamidophos (16 ug/cm2).
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An extract of sweet flag (Acorus calamus), especially in combination with an extract of turmeric (Curcuma longa) or pine (Pinus sp.), has been effective against yellow-fever mosquitoes.
The root extract or oil also contains terpenoids such as himachalol, atlantone and trans-atlantone similar to those found in trunk oil (Khan and Naheed, 1988, Onoda et al 1989, Parveen, 2006).Some other plants are also in use as medicinal plants e.g Tariq et al (2010) reported the essential oil of root stock the modified stem (rhizome) of Acorus calamus as a medicine for stomach complaints, snake bite, insect repellent and for remittent fever.
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