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The study has shown that Aclasta (zoledronic acid), traded as Reclast in the USA, preserved bone mass in post-menopausal osteoporotic patients who were given annual infusions of the product for six years.
Creemos que Aclasta es un innovador enfoque terapeutico para millones de mujeres con osteoporosis y proporciona una impresionante reduccion de fracturas, lo cual es el principal objetivo del tratamiento de la osteoporosis", anadio James Shannon, director Mundial de Desarrollo en Novartis Pharma AG.
Our nurse manager developed a protocol that included a policy, referral letter, doctor appointments, criteria, short codes for inputting note re aclasta, IV training, standing orders, education, follow-up and data collection pathways.
Meanwhile research suggests once-a-year drug Aclasta cuts deaths among osteoporosis sufferers.
With the current marketed portfolio, Pharmaceuticals is expected to grow from the second half of next year despite loss of exclusivity on mature brands like Diovan, Zometa and Aclasta.
Detailed analysis of key developer trends, strategies and portfolios including a case study of Novartiss Aclasta (zoledronic acid)
Zoledronic acid (INN) or zoledronate (sold by Novartis as Zometa, Zomera, Aclasta and Reclast) is a bisphosphonate.
Alternative branding as Aclasta in osteoporosis/Paget's disease markets 87
Key Topics Covered: The Emerging Role of Postmarketing Clinical Research Executive Summary Background to postmarketing research Mandatory postmarketing trial requirements Phase IV trials for market development Impact of competitive pressures & pipeline strength on phase IV trials Appropriate trial design CONTENTS: Chapter 1 Background to postmarketing research Chapter 2 Mandatory postmarketing trial requirements Chapter 3 Phase IV trials for market development Chapter 4 Impact of competitive pressures and pipeline strength on phase IV trials Chapter 5 Effective phase IV trial design Chapter 6 Appendix FIGURES AND TABLES ALSO INCLUDED Products Mentioned: - Zyprexa - Diovan - Zoloft - Vioxx - Iressa - Novartis - Glivec (Imatinib mesylate) - Aclasta
Two pipeline products, Amgens Denosumab and Novartis Aclasta (zoledronate), have answered this demand with intermittent dosing schedules and consequently are expected to generate blockbuster revenues.
Aclastas and Actonels money-back guarantees for treatment failure offer an alternative risk-sharing option