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Caption: Figure 2: Typical electropherogram of the DNA sample extracted from whole human blood after formic acid hydrolysis obtained with 60 mmol/L sodium acetate buffer at pH 3.60 as the run buffer.
Disappearance of all these peaks from the spectra of the treated fibers can be ascribed to treatment of the EFB fibers with sodium hydroxide followed by acid hydrolysis as these treatments are known to remove most of the lignin from the EFB fibers.
The Rate of Reaction for Acid Hydrolysis of Chitin/Chi tosan.
Two-stage acid hydrolysis process was used to quantify the amount of [C.sub.5] and [C.sub.6] sugars [17,6].
Hamad and Hu (2010) showed that crystallite size varies according to the acid hydrolysis conditions.
Several inhibitory compounds are formed during acid hydrolysis of lignocellulosic materials.
While most researchers have used either alkali treatment or silane treatment or acid hydrolysis individually, it is necessary to attempt using the three methods of treatment in combination, since the mechanisms by which they affect natural fibres are completely different.
First, cellulose fibers were isolated from ATW bagasse fibers by acid hydrolysis and alkaline extraction [2, 24]: briefly, 1 g of ATW bagasse was mechanically dispersed in 19 mL of boiling [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] solution (1% vol.) for 1h and subsequently washed with distilled water; then 1 g of the above fibers was mechanically mixed with 10 mL of NaClO solution at room temperature (3.5 vol.%) until reaching a pH of ~9.2 and washed with distilled water until reaching a pH of ~7.
Silva, "Optimization of acid hydrolysis from the hemicellulosic fraction of Eucalyptus grandis residue using response surface methodology," Bioresource Technology, vol.
The acid hydrolysis of benzodiazepines to benzophenones has been previously reported [30,31].