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Mythic Greek warrior, vulnerable to wounding only in his heel. See: Achilles bursa, Achilles reflex, Achilles tendon.
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mythical Greek warrior who was vulnerable only in the heel.
Achilles bursa - bursa between the tendo calcaneus and the upper part of the posterior surface of the calcaneum. Synonym(s): bursa of tendo calcaneus
Achilles reflex - a contraction of the calf muscles when the tendo calcaneus is sharply struck. Synonym(s): ankle jerk; ankle reflex; tendo Achillis reflex; triceps surae reflex
Achilles tendon - the tendon of insertion of the triceps surae (gastrocnemius and soleus) into the tuberosity of the calcaneus. Synonym(s): tendo calcaneus
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"The promise of Zeus Agamemnon after my dream by asking people to try Achilleus so back to the ship's command is issued.
I refer to Iliad, book 1, in which Achilleus wants the distribution of booty to stand, just as the sons of the Achaians gave it.
Die erste Verwendung des Begriffs [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] am Beginn von Achilleus Tatios' Roman Leukippe und Kleitophon ist gleichzeitig auch die programmatischste.
OLYMPIA I a) Achilleus b) Orion c) Thomas II (1953) Freewind Shipping, Greece, 5,566 grt, 416' x 55', 328 pax.
Only when one understands why The Iliad necessarily ends with the burial of Hektor can one look back on why Achilleus is the hero; only when one understands Dante's Trinity can one begin to understand Dante's confusions in The Inferno.
I knew I had found what I was unknowingly seeking on the day my freshman Humanities teacher - a petite woman with an immense vocabulary, the only person I'd ever met who spoke in perfectly formed sentences - stood up in class and started talking about Achilleus' desperate response to the death of his friend Patroklos.
Before this time it had not been permitted to defile in the dust this great helmet crested in horse-hair; rather it guarded the hear and the gracious brow a godlike man, Achilleus; but now Zeus gave it over to Hektor to wear on his head, Hektor whose own death was close to him.
And they found Achilleus delighting his heart in a lyre, clear-sounding,
"Sing, goddess, of the anger of Achilleus, son of Peleus, the accursed anger which brought uncounted anguish on the Achaians...