Achilles’ Heel

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A specific vulnerability or weakness
Molecular biology The terminus of a DNA helix is likened to an Achilles' heel, given its lability when it is not ‘capped’ by a telomere
Psychology Emotional and psychological vulnerability to a degree sufficient to undermine an individual’s character development
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The post Public sector remains Cyprus's Achilles heel, Mavrides says appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
WALES must overcome their traditional Achilles heel when they open their autumn international campaign against Australia next week.
That's very satisfying because it means we're working well to the shape, but our Achilles heel has been on set-plays.
But Travolta speaking for the first time about the claims said: "This is every celebrity's Achilles heel.
His departure highlights Tony Blair's Achilles heel - a tendency to look after old pals and to hell with what the public think.
In at least one respect, the authors of America's Achilles Heel may have underestimated the difficulties of preparing for an NBC attack.
While banks have taken giant strides returning to the business of lending money, the Achilles Heel in the banking industry may be higher interest rates.
The availability of such data and the integrity of their collection is the Achilles heel of such systems.
Defensively I can't ask for more - James Chester and Curtis Davies were magnificent for us at the back - and overall in terms of performance I can't ask for more, but our Achilles heel is still there.
WE have teamed up with Men's Health Forum Scotland (MHFS), Achilles Heel and Virgin Active to give away the ultimate training package to prepare for the MHFS 10K for Men.
They should have had two penalties against Valencia and, though the Spaniards played some lovely passing football, with Silva particularly dangerous, they have an Achilles heel.
Time and time again he has proved to be the Achilles heel of our team.