Achilles’ Heel

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A specific vulnerability or weakness
Molecular biology The terminus of a DNA helix is likened to an Achilles' heel, given its lability when it is not ‘capped’ by a telomere
Psychology Emotional and psychological vulnerability to a degree sufficient to undermine an individual’s character development
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Defensively I can't ask for more - James Chester and Curtis Davies were magnificent for us at the back - and overall in terms of performance I can't ask for more, but our Achilles heel is still there.
WE have teamed up with Men's Health Forum Scotland (MHFS), Achilles Heel and Virgin Active to give away the ultimate training package to prepare for the MHFS 10K for Men.
They should have had two penalties against Valencia and, though the Spaniards played some lovely passing football, with Silva particularly dangerous, they have an Achilles heel.
Time and time again he has proved to be the Achilles heel of our team.
His departure highlights Tony Blair's Achilles heel - a tendency to look after old pals and to hell with what the public think.
The 29-year-old Coventry born central defender suffered strained ankle ligaments in the pre-season friendly at Burton Albion and while that problem is much improved, Rea's Achilles heel is now a worry.
It's also time to worry if you hear a walking-in-the-snow sound in your Achilles heel cord.
Holding leads in the fourth quarter has been the Clippers' Achilles heel.
Thereafter, the lads rarely ignited their audience up until Achilles Heel finished an encore which also featured a, quite frankly, shambolic cover-version of The Supremes You Keep Me Hanging On.
The Achilles heel provided by p53-arginine may come into play only when the p53 protein is confronted with these strains of HPV, Storey says.
The downtown market remain's Manhattan's Achilles heel.
Now that controversy over the so-called "window of vulnerability" of American ICBMs has abated, defense experts are focusing increasingly on command structure as the real Achilles heel of strategic forces.