Achilles' Tendinitis

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Inflammation of the heel cord that is the extension from the triceps surae group of muscles characterised by pain and swelling along the tendon sheath proximal to the calcaneus
Management Physical therapy or brief immobilization, antiinflammatory agents
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If you have Achilles' tendinitis, for example, you might start planting your foot differently while running.
It's pain at the base of the heel, not the Achilles' tendon area, but patients will come in and some of them have been told they have Achilles' tendinitis."
Brand, who missed two games with right Achilles' tendinitis, made a strong return in the first quarter.
Bothered by Achilles' tendinitis in her lower left leg, Richards did not practice last week, played just seven minutes in the Ducks' losses to USC and UCLA and did not practice on Monday.
Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis, who returned from the World Baseball Classic Wednesday with a mild sprain of his left ankle and mild Achilles' tendinitis in his left foot, also made his Grapefruit League debut and played four innings in the field, going 0 for 1 with a walk.
Montgomery, who ran 9.78 seconds in the IAAF Grand Prix final last year at Paris to wrest the world mark from Maurice Greene, has been bothered by Achilles' tendinitis.
Morris also won the 50 freestyle, and she did it despite dealing with Achilles' tendinitis.