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a·chieve·ment test

a standardized test used to measure acquired learning, in a specific subject area such as reading or arithmetic, in contrast to an intelligence test, which measures potential ability or learning capacity.
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a·chieve·ment test

(ă-chēv'mĕnt test)
A standardized test used to measure acquired learning, in contrast to an intelligence test, which is an index of potential learning ability.
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At first blush, there may seem like an overlap between Achievement testing and Neuropsychological testing.
The article entitled: "Psychometric benefits of soft-linked scoring algorithms in achievement testing" by Loerke, Jones, and Chow (1999) has some fundamental problems that education professionals should be aware of.
But in contrast to Lemann, who sees achievement measurements as a desirable alternative, Sacks views multiple-choice achievement testing as equally if not even more flawed and harmful.
Jerry spent many years on the Michigan MTA Board of Directors, serving as chair of the string division of student achievement testing.
The marked increases in standardized achievement testing have raised concerns of the educational community regarding the value of standardized testing programs and their potentially harmful effect on students.
All ECD states are busy preparing for auditions and competitions: Wisconsin-Badger Keyboard Competitions, Michigan-Student Achievement Testing, Illinois-Syllabus Achievement, Indiana-Hoosier Auditions and Ohio-Buckeye Competitions.
Districts tended to place a lot of faith in the standardized assessments they used, but were less enthusiastic about the Illinois Standards Achievement Testing (ISAT) program, believing the ISAT to be of lower quality than the assessments they had chosen.
She has served her local MTA as secretary, student achievement testing chair and president.

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