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Decomposition of an organic compound with the addition of the elements of acetic acid at the point of decomposition; analogous to hydrolysis and phosphorolysis.
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The scarcity of available material and the acetolysis process limited the number of species and the total amount of pollen that could be sampled to obtain good photographic evidence for this study.
Following this, each insect was transferred to a test tube to undergo acetolysis for the destruction of tissue and other organic parts, but with the preservation of the possibly ingested pollen grains, which would be retained in the decanted material at the bottom of the test tube.
albicans serotype A strain was fragmented by Acetolysis 33) under mild conditions, 34) and separated by Bio-Gel P-2 column chromatography or by highperformance liquid chromatography (HPLC).
25 mm), caustic soda, acetolysis, and hydrofluoric acid (Faegri and Iversen, 1975; Nichols, 1975), with extended boiling times because of the elevation of the laboratory.
Sediment was treated for pollen analysis with KOH, HCl, HE and acetolysis solution, as described in Faegri et al.
The analysis was based on the principle that microscopic elements were concentrated by centrifuging the honey dissolved in water, examining the sediments and evaluating them under the microscope after acetolysis.
Pollen samples from brood cells were treated and preserved following the acetolysis method of Erdtman (1986) and then mounted on glass slides.
Samples were subjected to treatment with hot KOH, HF acid, and acetolysis, and stored in silicone oil.
Samples were treated with HF and acetolysis using the method of Faegri and Iverson (1964).