Accu-Chek system

Accu-Chek® System

A proprietary blood glucose measuring system used for home monitoring of glucose which has a menu-driven screen and analysed lifestyle data—e.g., exercise—which may affect health and glucose control.
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Accu-Chek® system

POC testing A blood glucose monitoring system used for home monitoring of glucose with menu-driven screens and analysis of lifestyle data–eg, exercise, which may affect health and glucose control. See Diabetes mellitus, Glucose.
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The Accu-Chek system exemplifies how the evolving world of diabetes care management continues to create innovative technologies.
Since then similar technology, which allows users to check their blood glucose levels anytime, anywhere in about 45 seconds, has been incorporated into other products -- including Boehringer Mannheim's Accu-Chek system.
(No-wipe testing is also a feature of Boehringer Mannheim's Accu-Chek system.)
For its part, Boehringer Mannheim's Accu-Chek system offers several options, including Accu-Chek Easy's visual backup feature and a memory that stores the last 20 monitor readings.