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analyzes for asbestos research according to the meta method by an accredited cofrac laboratory, - analyzes for the determination of pah according to en 15527 by an accredited laboratory, - the interpretation and synthesis of the results of the analyzes.
The decision followed results of specialised accredited laboratory tests.
The Russian Sports Ministry said on Tuesday it was open for closer cooperation with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in order to eliminate any irregularities committed by the Russian anti-doping watchdog and its accredited laboratory.
Ultimately, calibrating your infrared temperature measuring equipment at a UKAS accredited laboratory means this aspect of your production control system will be right first time, every time.
On January 24, 2015, Ajmal was put through an official ICC bowling action test at the apex cricket body's accredited laboratory under the supervision of two technical experts from Dubai.
The cell is currently being sent to an external accredited laboratory for confirmation of the tests.
UL Japan, as a KDDI simulator accredited laboratory, started its evaluation testing service Sept.
LAHORE -- Pakistan's ace off spinner Saeed Ajmal will fly to London (England) on Saturday to go through an unofficial testing on his remodelled action at the newest ICC accredited laboratory at National Cricket Performance Centre at Loughborough University.
Furthermore, Lucideon is the only UKAS accredited laboratory testing clay roofing tiles for frost resistance in the UK.
The laboratory in Stip will be the third accredited laboratory in addition to the two already accredited in Skopje.
With roughly nine states across the county requiring Crime Scene Unit members to work for an accredited laboratory before testifying in state court, CSU Lt.
According to CNN, a FIFA statement said that the body has decided to use the WADA accredited laboratory in Lausanne for the shipment of samples overseas, adding that they will ensure the proper implementation of the new strategy in the fight against doping by means of the steroid module of the Athlete Biological Passport.
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