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Accounts Receivable

The sum of the monies owed to a person or enterprise which was incurred in the course of business transactions and not supported by negotiable paper.

ac·counts re·ceiv·a·ble

(AR, A/R) (ă-kownts' rĕ-sē'vă-bĕl)
The aggregate of money owed to the health care practice by all patients and/or insurers.


the bill provided to the client by the veterinarian setting out the sums owing for services rendered.

itemized accounts
the provision of accounts for professional services in which all of the medicines, materials and services supplied are itemized. The disadvantage of the procedure is the opportunity that it provides to vexatious clients to argue with the charges. It is standard procedure to provide an itemized account if the client asks for one.
accounts payable
the monies owed to other accounts by the practice and to be paid during the month.
accounts receivable
the accounts that owe the practice money and which can be expected to pay during the month.
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com) is the world's first online marketplace for real-time trading of accounts receivable.
Smyth is a leading provider of services for accounts receivable, credit, collections and deduction management, including credit information and risk mitigation, and related Software as a Service (SaaS) technology.
Under the QlikStart program, customers can now choose between the QlikView(TM) Sales Performance application, the Accounts Receivable Analysis application, or both.
Kaulkin Partners and Kaulkin Media are divisions of Kaulkin Ginsberg Company, a provider of advisory services to Accounts Receivable Management (ARM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other business service organizations.
3 also includes enhanced functionality in the Accounts Receivable process with Disputed Invoices, a feature allowing credit managers to fully track invoices under dispute by the customer.
The new $39 million receivables contract gives us the opportunity to build upon an already strong relationship and continue to strengthen our niche in providing innovative and cost-effective accounts receivable services to hospitals and ancillary healthcare organizations," said Brovenick.
Hilco is excited about its partnership with iBX, which brings proven accounts receivable management capabilities to this project.
The purpose of this group is to provide a setting where senior executives can meet, network and discuss common problems and solutions unique to executives managing credit and accounts receivables operations.
Mike O'Malley, vice president and regional manager, said, "This $100,000,000 line of credit will distinguish First Capital as the premier provider of accounts receivable and inventory loans in the midwest.
First Capital will fill this void in the midwest region through its uniquely structured accounts receivable and inventory loans," said Pendley.

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