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Taxation is a relevant aspect of the quality of reported information, as a close link between accounting profit and taxable income reduces the ability for financial reporting to show the economic reality of an entity.
Some differences that are temporary come when income and expense is included in accounting profit in one period, but they apear in the taxable income of another period.
To study accounting profit in most of the researches done in accounting, it is categorized as cash and accrual, and the effect of each on the qualitative characteristics of profit, stock return, and .
Kordestani and Roudneshin (2006) investigated the degree of relevance of cash components of accounting profit with company's market value, and found out that profit operating cash flows (cash part) have predictability and explanatory power of the company.
The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) made an accounting profit of AUD1.
As an inevitable consequence, risk and value are less well-managed than accounting profit.
The deal will result in an accounting profit of some NOK105m and a positive effect on the interest bearing debt of NOK310m, for Veidekke.
34) An accounting profit is not equivalent because it does not incorporate opportunity costs.
While our reserves are still showing a positive return based on purchase costs, we foreshadowed in the 2009 Annual Report the likelihood of volatility in accounting profit and loss.
A key problem of accounting based on IFRS is the tax basis which is received from accounting profit (Strouhal et al.
The latest losses came as no surprise to Barnett, who admits it will take some time before the company makes sufficient inroads in its outstanding pounds 125m debt to turn an accounting profit.
If profits decline significantly, there may still be an accounting profit, but the accounting profit may not be sufficient to motivate the entrepreneur.

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