Accident Prone

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Referring to a person’s real or perceived tendency to suffer from accidents of various types
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Meanwhile, Pintang identified some of the thoroughfares in Quezon City as accident prone as Regalado cor.
"I'm just a bit accident prone and clumsy and am always breaking things, especially vacuum cleaners, but no-one seems to mind!"
The injuries instead suggest they were aggressive toward ech other or accident prone -- or perhaps both.
According to this project, the traffic police will start with major intersections which are accident prone. It will begin as a pilot project.
Although Government statistics suggest older drivers are not more accident prone, Sir Stirling (pictured) said: "I do think older drivers should be re-evaluated because there are many things one has to keep up with.
But, mostly thanks to the accident prone dimwit Syd (Clarke), the pair, who - surprise, surprise - fall into their bad old ways, look about as likely to succeed as master criminals as a Norris Cole and Roy Cropper partnership in Coronation Street.
THIS week's disaster for the accident prone folk sees Martha and Jonah trapped in a disused mineshaft.
Only 35 per cent say they can't function properly, 20 per cent are more accident prone, clumsy or forgetful and just 17 per cent say lack of sleep leaves them feeling despairing.
Golf writer Norman Dabell is a good, if accident prone friend.
Men were more accident prone than women, with 24 per cent admitting DIY injuries during the past six months, compared with 20 per cent of women.
Hoon is accident prone, but he is not the brutal creature some of his pursuers want us to believe Tory peer Lord Deedes.We did not fight for so long to come to power only to bring our own Government down Labour MP Ian Gibson, one of the principal would-be rebels over top-up fees.

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