accessory breast

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ac·ces·so·ry breast

a milk-secreting gland located elsewhere than at the normal place on the front of the chest and existing in addition to the two usual mammae.
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8%) of each galactocele, duct ectasia and accessory breast was noted.
from their study on a population of American women found that supernumerary nipple and accessory breast tissue were more common in the Native American women than in the non-native women.
1,4] Although carcinoma of the axillary accessory breast is rare, accounting for 0.
Accessory breast tissue out-with this embryological milk line is, however, less common [2, 3].
Dr Bijlani said among the most common deformities is accessory breast tissue or Polymastia.
Histopathological examination suggested accessory breast tissue.
Clinically a diagnosis of bilateral accessory breast was arrived at with an intent to rule out other pathologies of the normal breast.
17%) Accessory Nipple (Axillary & chest wall) Accessory Breast tissue(Axilla) Other n=1(2.
On 3rd postoperative day she started complaining of pain & milk secretion from the accessory breast.
These are usually found in the lower armpit and are known as accessory breasts.