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A device for making a substance stronger or purer.
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Today, MFR and MLPPP have been implemented in multimegabit access concentrators that enable NxT1 service for service providers and their business customers.
The scalability of access concentrator technology networks permits the deployment of high-speed Internet access to MTU structures more easily, more quickly, and more profitably than ever before possible.
Since then, Lucent has supplied TP with solutions from its Accelerate(TM) Next Generation Networking portfolio, namely Stinger(R) FS+, LS and MRT products from the Stinger(R) digital subscriber line (DSL) access concentrator family, CellPipe(R) customer premise equipment (CPE) subscriber devices and Lucent's NavisAccess(TM) DSL Management System.
The LE-54v Access Portal and LE-311v Access Concentrator will be available Q3 2004.
The current trend of VoIP, packet video and packet data moving closer and closer to the edge of the network aligns with our strategy, and these new Broadband Access Concentrator meets real-world requirements, worldwide.
We are pleased to add BaneTele to our list of customers taking advantage of the multi-service capabilities of our Broadband Access Concentrator," said Sean Belanger, president and CEO of Paradyne.
Stinger(R) DSL Access Concentrator is a DSLAM - Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer - featuring 14 slots with ports that can serve up to 72 subscribers, providing a total of up to 1008 ADSL access ports per piece of equipment installed in the operator network.
Under the terms of the extension, Lucent will continue to install its Stinger(R) xDSL broadband access concentrators throughout TP's network.
In their first successful joint operation, TGM and Tdsoft have jointly deployed Tdsoft's Hunt 8110 Broadband Access Concentrator at a government installation in the Republic of Korea.
Worldwide shipments of Cable Modem(1) and DSL Access Concentrator ports increased 21% quarter over quarter to over eight million in 2Q03.
The next-generation Cable & Wireless network utilizes Paradyne's Broadband Access Concentrators (BAC) within its central offices and remote terminals throughout Barbados.