hard disk drive

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hard disk drive,

n the mechanism that controls the positioning, reading, and writing of the hard disk, which provides the largest amount of storage for the computer.
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After technicians check out the crew access arm and complete the many other ground support equipment installations, the crawler-transporter will move the mobile launcher out to Launch Pad 39B for a fit-check and then inside the VAB for validation and verification tests.
The shadow from bending over the access arm is eliminated.
CAMBRIDGE, England -- Openreach, the access arm of UK incumbent BT, announced that the UK had reached the 1 million unbundled local loop (ULL) landmark on 8 November 2006.
The appearance of her access arm changed only minimally from her baseline.
The cooperative's broadband Internet access arm, Wheatland Broadband, currently delivers broadband through more than 1,000 wireless connections to businesses and residents throughout its eleven-county footprint.