acceptance testing

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ac·cept·ance test·ing

(ak-septăns testing)
Procedure of testing equipment or processes to ensure that they function within acceptable limits.
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EDM's suite of cabin crew training simulators for Cathay Pacific have passed their Site Acceptance Tests (SATs), the company said.
The Factory Acceptance Tests were granted following a rigorous two day inspection and testing process carried out by Cathay's safety training and simulator engineering specialists from Hong Kong.
I was a lead author of the mechanical requirements and mechanical acceptance tests in California's Title 24, Part 6 Standard for both the 2005 and 2008 versions.
General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), a United States-based conglomerate, has received commissioning acceptance tests for the first 32-megawatt MS 5002E gas turbine unit fully assembled in St.
In the field, all acceptance tests are performed quickly and easily with this analyzer.
The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recently visited the subcontractor, Thales, in France to witness the Factory Acceptance Tests of the ticket vending machines and the System Acceptance Test of all automatic fare collection system equipment, ensuring its compliance with the project's requirements and international standards and practices.
Man says the completion of the factory acceptance tests is a major milestone in the system qualification program, during which the conceptual design, thermal layout and mechanical integrity of the newly developed integral high-speed motor, as well as the thermodynamic performance of the compressor, have all been confirmed.
recently announced that its Agilon liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fuel processor has achieved satisfactory results in Japanese acceptance tests.
The system has completed acceptance tests during the past several months to verify system performance.
Three have completed customer acceptance tests. The other two are expected to be accepted soon, the company said.
The private company expects to ship the LBSG system to Brazil, where their staff will use the system to perform acceptance tests on a much larger CMM.