acceptance testing

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ac·cept·ance test·ing

(ak-septăns testing)
Procedure of testing equipment or processes to ensure that they function within acceptable limits.
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Tolentino said the acceptance test they conducted on the VCMs assured that machines would be "running properly" for next year's polls.
Currently standard acceptance test suite is followed by ECU suppliers.
EDM, a global provider of training simulators to the civil aviation and defence sectors, has announced that the E170 Door Trainer it has manufactured for S7 Airlines passed its Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).
The factory acceptance test was granted following two days of inspection and testing carried out by a senior team of ANA safety trainers and simulator engineers.
The April article perpetuates this misinformation by incorrectly reporting that the proposal would "prohibit engineers, commissioning agents, and other licensed professionals from performing acceptance tests...." To the contrary, the proposal would require individuals who perform acceptance testing to obtain certification and qualify themselves as competent to perform the test.
Extending these test methods into an acceptance test standard has been a challenging proposition.
(NYSE:AJRD), has completed its latest acceptance test on a liquid-fueled RS-68A booster engine, the company said.
The solution will encompass a full set of professional services, including design, documentation, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Integrated Factory Acceptance Test (IFAT), together with on-site provisional acceptance services and commissioning.
Raytheon completed the factory acceptance test for the Air Force's DGCS Block 10.2 multi-intelligence core in August of this year.
Finally, the crucial initial city acceptance test was successfully completed on December 11, 1999, confirmed by an assessment report signed by Chinese officials and representatives from the California Air Resources Board.
Aireon LLC has completed a service delivery point Factory Acceptance Test with the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), Ireland's Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), the company said.
The 65-minute flight saw the GS002 (GS = German Single seat) production aircraft successfully fly each point of its prescribed production flight acceptance test. The GS002 will be the first assigned to flight operations and is the first single-seat combat aircraft to be brought into operational service by the German Air Force.