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The third and fourth lines of Hopkins' "Spring and Fall" (here shown for the sake of clarity without Hopkins' own accent marks) are an example of rove-over:
There is also the possibility that Latin after the Carolingian reforms was spoken with a new, bookish scrupulosity that may have involved the use of a pitch accent, explicitly described by the Latin grammarians; in a recent survey of the origins of Western music writing, Leo Treitler rejects the idea that there was a pitch accent for Carolingian Latin--with all the implications that has for a possible link between Latin accent marks and neumes--but he gives no evidence of having considered Wright's views.
Though marred by distracting editorial slips in areas like French accent marks and capitalization, her work represents a significant contribution to our understanding of the role of religion in the conflict between regional and national values.
A few forms are transcribed with colons after long vowels and accent marks over stressed vowels, e.g., i:talwa (p.
The GramR (that's 'gramair') package incorporates a 300,000-word French dictionary, 800 algorithms for text checking, and a French-to-English keyboard converter that includes all French accent marks. Schuller and Associates, San Francisco, is the sole U.S.
Of more obvious relevance are the three remaining facsimile pages, which offer examples of Verdi's ambiguous accent marks, diminuendos, and slurs.