n 1. lacking a causal principle.
2. not following the principles of final causation or linear direction.
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Then this concept is formally discussed in a published paper in 1952 "Synchronizitat als ein Prinzip akausaler Zusammenhange" (An Acausal Connecting Principle), is define by Jung "Synchronicity" as an "acausal connecting principle in which events, both large and small, in the external world might align to the experience of the individual, perhaps mirroring or echoing personal concerns or thoughts".
In other words, there is in physics no strict causality, but also no strict nondeterministic probability: there is rather an "intercausality," which defines reality as being causal-acausal simultaneously, as Jung intuited is the case when he spoke of the unexplainable phenomenon of acausal synchronicity (which in romanticism is explained by the theory of macro- microcosmic correspondences).
Franz Kafka is often viewed as one of the Fathers of the literature of the absurd, the type of literature that reveals the irrational, acausal aspect of the human experience in a universe that is impervious to the fate of humanity.
The causal part of the CCF (positive lag time) has higher sensitivity along the major arc to the station 1 side, whereas the acausal part (negative lag time) has higher sensitivity to the station 2 side.
8) Carl Jung's concept of 'Synchronicity' suggests that our Cartesian design of reality (what is logical/tangible) includes a principle of acausal connection (what is illogical/intangible or not governed by laws of cause and effect), that manifests itself most visibly in the form of consequential concurrences (Jung, 1973).
They call their time machine a Traversable Acausal Retrograde Domain in Space-time, or TARDIS (you read that right 'Doctor Who' fans).
SimulationX is a system simulation tool that supports signal oriented and acausal modeling using Modelica [17] as the modelling language.
Other possibilities include applying acausal filtering schemes, such as symmetric forward and backward filtering [9], which are possible to use since the solution is known over the entirety of a fundamental switching period [T.
Modelica is an object-oriented, multi-domain, acausal modeling language.
Physical modeling and simulation of mechatronics systems by acausal bond graphs.
6) For present purposes, the Platonism meant is the "extreme" or "full-blooded" Platonism normally discussed in the philosophy of mathematics, (7) according to which Platonic forms are strictly denizens of an acausal and abstract world outside of space and time.
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