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The likelihood of acardiac fetus and mirror syndrome occurring concomitantly is of the order of 1/175 million; that is, this phenomenon is an extremely rare event.
DISCUSSION: Acardiac fetus was 1st described by Gruenwald in 1942 and is also known as Acephalus Chorioangiopagus Parasiticus.
Con las siguientes palabras clave: acardiac fetus, acardiac twin y twin reversed arterial perfusion secuence, se hizo la busqueda en las bases de datos de Medline y Ovid de la literatura publicada en idioma ingles desde el ano 1989 hasta el 2007.
Clinical management depends on the spontaneous development of the acardiac fetus and the deleterious consequences for the healthy twin resulting from heart failure, anasarca or prematurity.
MRI maybe useful as an adjunct in already identified cases to assess the presence of retrograde blood flow in the acardiac fetus and umbilical artery 3.