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Without a heart.
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(ā″kar′dē-ă) [ a- + Gr. kardia, heart]
Congenital absence of the heart (e.g., in a monozygotic twin supported by the circulatory system of the other fetus).
acardiac (ā″kar′dē-ak), adjective
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The likelihood of acardiac fetus and mirror syndrome occurring concomitantly is of the order of 1/175 million; that is, this phenomenon is an extremely rare event.
From monster to twin reversed arterial perfusion: a history of acardiac twins.
It remains amazing to me that it took more than a year from the diagnosis of acardiac twins and the deaths of two daughters before we were offered our first package of written information.
(1) booked case in a primary health centre was diagnosed to have acardiac twin at 16 weeks of gestation.
DISCUSSION: Acardiac fetus was 1st described by Gruenwald in 1942 and is also known as Acephalus Chorioangiopagus Parasiticus.
INTRODUCTION: Acardiac Acephalic twin occurs as a rare phenomenon in monochorionic pregnancies with an incidence of one in 35,000 births.
c) F1 -> Acardiac foetus (amorphous mass) 10 x 6 cm size.
INTRODUCTION: Acardiac twin is an anomaly unique to monochorionic multiple pregnancies, characterized by formation of malformed fetus with an absent or rudimentary (nonfunctional) heart.
INTRODUCTION: Acardiac twinning is a rare malformation characterized by a "pump" twin perfusing an anomalous recipient via an artery-to-artery anastomosis, with reversed direction of flow of arterial blood to the perfused fetus leading to total or partial agenesis of the heart and acephaly in the recipient twin with absence of one or more anatomical structures.