acai palm

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açaí palm

(ä-sä-ē′) or

assai palm

1. A tall slender palm (Euterpe oleracea) found in coastal and lowland regions in northern South America. It is harvested for hearts of palm, and its small purple fruits are processed into juice and nutritional supplements.
2. Any of several other South American palms of the genus Euterpe.
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The companies use the "free trial" period to hook the consumers into a continuity sales program, where consumers are often unaware that they have agreed to buy a monthly supply of acai berry supplements (or other health supplement products) for $29 to $89 per month unless they cancel their orders within 14 days.
Acai berry supplements tested recently by ConsumerLab.
The dark purple acai berry from the Amazon has a flavor that can be likened to a mix of cherry and chocolate," said Ms.
Offerings include Fruit Punch (Electrolytes), Orange Tangerine (Extra-C), Acai Berry (Antioxidants), Dragonfruit Kiwi (Vitamins) and Passionfruit Citrus (Energy).
Shaman Smoothies are available in Acai Berry Adventure and Maca Spice Chai.
Life Dynamics Technology, Tustin, CA, has introduced its Acai Berry Extract.