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An inhabitant of a medical ivory tower
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Academician Cheng-Sheng Tu believed, "NCKU was a regional university in the past.
Dr Shaheena Ayub Bhatti, Associate Professor, a veteran academician in the field of American Indian Literature, did her Post Doctoral research from University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA.
The attempt change the bad reputation of the Macedonia Academy of Science and Arts (MANU) with Albanians after the publication of the Macedonian Encyclopedia is a challenge for newly-appointed academician Abdulmenaf Bexheti.
The lobbying for Albanian candidates for academicians began in the Macedonian Academy Of Science and Arts (MANU) ahead of the coming elections for new members.
A strongly recommended addition to professional and academic library reference collections, Educational Resources & Instruction reference collections, Better Answers: Written Performance That Looks Good And Sounds Smart by academician, classroom instructor, and literacy specialist Ardith Davis Cole offers school teachers and homeschooling parents with an easy-to-implement, step-by-step protocol for helping students focus upon acquiring the basic literacy skills to meet state standards in the English language arts of writing.
Breakaway Laughter: How To Lighten Up--Despite It All by academician, Reiki Master, and change/stress management consultant Nan Crockett deftly explains just how to counter stress by analyzing its causes with an element humor allowing us to "break away" from the causes of that stress and its effects upon our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
Academician Aliu adds that the market was fed up after the release of the first controversial edition because after the sale was seized, CDs with its content appeared on the market.
Compiled and edited by John Stenhouse (Faculty member, Department of History, University of Otago) and Brett Knowles (Senior Teaching Fellow in Church History in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Otago) with the assistance of academician Antony Wood, The Future Of Christianity: Historical, Sociological, Political And Theological Perspectives From New Zealand is comprised of contributions by a group of New Zealand scholars, theologians, historians and lawyers who examine the relationship of New Zealand's Western culture and Christianity.
The Diplomacy Of War: The Case Of Korea by historian and academician Graeme S.
The number of Albanians in MANU should increase," said academician Abazi.
Strongly recommended reading from first page to last, The Keepsake Storm showcases the lyrical talents of academician and poet Gina Franco who draws upon an impressive tradition of storytelling in Latino literature to explore the transformative power of compassion.
Paul Bowles, Magic & Morocco by academician, reviewer, essayist, and translator Allen Hibbard addresses the life and work of expatriate author Paul Bowles.