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An inhabitant of a medical ivory tower
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The academician added that today throughout the world stem cells are used to eliminate many pathologies.
If any of the lustrated academicians had held a high-ranking position at the Academy, they would have been relieved of that duty.
During the first session, the academician asked the judge to give him three weeks to sit with his lawyers to prepare his replies.
The academician views on the efficiency of the field education courses in the Turkish education undergraduate program is at the level of "I am undecided" (item 4) and the views on the increase of the weekly hours of the field education courses in the Turkish education undergraduate program is at the level of "I agree" (Item 19).
The leader of the team of experts that laid the foundations of the independent Macedonian economy and monetary politics is late academician Ksente Bogoev, former Governor of SFRY's National Bank.
Summary: Buenos Aires (Argentina) - Prominent Argentinean surgeon and academician Dr.
In Kozle, near Skopje, where his ancestors come from, on 26 May, academician Gane Todorovski was laid to rest in the attendance of his family and friends whereby his wish expressed in the verses of his song "Testament" written in Moscow in 1995 was respected.
As an academician I felt very unrest by the words of the Wilders.
Loyal readers of the Michigan Academician will have noticed a delay in production of the journal coinciding with a series of transitions of the Michigan Academy to a new host institution, new personnel, and a new editing organization.
Compiled and edited by academician Robin Bernstein (who teaches in the Program of Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality at Harvard University), "Cast Out" is a collection drawn from memoirs and interviews by twenty-two leading performers, playwrights, technicians, producers, critics, educators, and influential spectators of theatre over the past half-century.
What exactly does an academician do all day, anyway?