Academic Pork

A type of 'pork barrel' (earmarked) funding for research in the US, in which peer review for funding grant proposals is bypassed by pressures from legislators, constituencies, or lobbyists
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Funding Science in America: Congress, Universities, and the Politics of the Academic Pork Barrel, by James D.
The opposition of the science community, however, has made academic pork a kind of cause celebre in which the chief tactic of opponents is to expose the malefactors.
Issues, Spring 1993) is a timely commentary on the issue of academic pork barrel.
Not only has he made it his job to inform us each year of the score in the game of academic pork, but he has tried to elucidate the forces inside and outside the Congress that have led to the game's great popularity.
The academic pork barrel just gets bigger and bigger.
This definition should be adopted by organizations such as the National Academy of Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and AAU to help them put a lid on the academic pork barrel.
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