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It's seen as a sign that United recognise they've considerably fallen behind local rivals with senior Acadamy officials at Carrington concerned for the future.
In the final minute Cinderford gained a valuable bonus point in the fight to avoid relegation when debutant Callum Sheedy, on loan from Bristol Acadamy, landed a penalty.
It is reported his responsibilities will be taken over by the manager of the BBC Acadamy.
Not only incredibly nice people, Gary is an ex-Marine and they are both 'adventurers', immensely practical and highly experienced with all things outdoorsy - as one person put it, "That is your Lottery ticket Lynne!" Gary and Rose will also be setting up The Bushcraft Acadamy in the near future.
More information on the Dominique Williams Dance Acadamy can be found at
The VIP invitation contains a number of spelling and grammatical errors (including the key word "acadamy" twice).
McClanahan received advanced training at Toni & Guy Hairdressing Acadamy, owned a salon in Port Townsend for five years and has won numerous awards in hair design.
The 81st Acadamy Awards will be held February 22, 2009.
"In my teens and my 20s I wanted to change the world," said the 41-year-old Acadamy Award winner.
Second in the award-winning Quigley McCormick series, The Stuperton Conspiracy follows the wackiest day in the history of Quackenworth Hotshot Acadamy, a day when the teachers are all on strike and a plague of "substituteitis" has taken over the whole school!