Acacia senegal

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Herbal medicine
A tree from Africa that produces a resinous sap, which has been used for treating sore throat, coughs and diarrhoea.
Vox populi
See Chewing gum.

Acacia senegal,

n See gum Arabic.
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Emulsion-Stabilizing effects of gum from Acacia senegal (L) Willd.
In these droughts, a large number of Acacia senegal trees were destroyed, and as a consequence, the production and export of gum arabic declined drastically (Freudenberger 1993).
With a tree productivity that can reach 500 grams per season, Cameroon, Niger and Senegal each have enough Acacia senegal trees to produce at least 1 000 tons of gum arabic per year.
Improved Acacia senegal growth after inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi under water deficiency conditions.
Relationship between environmental factors, tapping dates, tapping intensity and gum arabic yield of an Acacia senegal plantation in western Sudan.
Both species received substantial visitation from nectar foraging insects (Table 6B, C), including the same megachilid bees seen at Acacia senegal.
According to Hammer (1983) acacia senegal is the preferred fuel and charcoal wood in Sudan.
Assessment of physical properties of gum Arabic from Acacia senegal verities in Baringo District Kenya.
Some of important species found n the Thar desert are: Acacia arabica, Acacia senegal, Cactus tamarisk, Cenchrus biflorus, Eleushine flagellifen, Euphorbia caducifolia, Lasiurus sindicus, Panicum turgidum, Prosopis cineraria, Salsola foetida, Tecoma undulate, and Ziziphus mauritiana.
Gum arabic or gum acacia is usually obtained from Acacia senegal, a tree found in Sudan, Senegal, Mall and Nigeria.