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The average number of types of macromolecules (for example, mRNAs) per cell.
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2005) except the abundancy of vacuolar enterocytes of posterior intestine in Ictalurus punctatus, Krementz and Chapman (1975) formerly noted that there were large and clear vacuoles present in the apical cytoplasm of epithelial cells of the posterior half of intestine after feeding.
Thus, the availability of basic reproductive knowledge, their economic importance, and high abundancy in local waters make Scylla spp.
Keeping in view the abundancy of ntural resources in Karak district, steps should be taken to provide technical education and technical training institutions in the area.
The qualitative analysis of bioactive compounds present in Datura metel was performed in crude extracts by GC/MS, revealing abundancy of high-molecular weight components such as polyphenols, flavonoids, triterpenoids, and hydrocarbons.
The literature points to caryophyllene, [alpha]-caryophyllene and eugenol acetate as molecules with relative abundancy in this type of matrix.