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The drive abstraction layer communicates with other modules in the network using standard TMCL instructions (e.g.
The final job performed in the model abstraction layer is to transform the model into a data structure which can be handled by the test case generator.
For the future, we plan to develop another abstraction layer of data management in clouds.
Based on minimum detection area and on formulas (1) and (2) the abstraction layer is determined.
Communication abstraction layer of this OS makes framework maximally independent of system topology.
This feature not only speeds development, but also provides an abstraction layer for the APIs for hardware and speech technologies that allows developers to change hardware and/or speech software without changing the application.
There's an abstraction layer between tech and business.
* Maintain an abstraction layer between service interfaces and service implementations.
The package includes Spectrum's quicComm software, which is a hardware abstraction layer that facilitates code portability.
ThreadX also makes use of the Nios II hardware abstraction layer (HAL), a software service library custom-tailored to the system hardware, which automatically generates the correct RTOS integration.
Storage virtualization creates an abstraction layer between physical and logical storage.