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Inability to abstract with an overemphasis on specific details; seen in mental disorders, such as dementia and schizophrenia, and also normally in children.
[L. con-cresco, pp. -cretus, to grow together, harden]
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But Scruton here misunderstands the proposal, which is that through a datable, intentional act of indication, another abstract object, one distinguishable from the preexisting sound structure involved in it, does come into existence.
I think there is a form of Platonism that is immune to the bootstrapping objection, though it is highly unusual and unlikely to appeal to many abstract object realists.
Inkpin's basic thesis is that speakers do not primarily experience language as a bearer of mental acts, a medium intervening between ourselves and reality, or an abstract object. Instead, we primarily rely on language as an instrument for articulating the world.
The body became an abstract object that no longer had any emotional point--a plaything of art, existing only for the tricks one could play with it, the lame ironies with which one could suggest mastery of it.
Starting with an axiomatic theory of abstract objects, this article identifies a mathematical structure as an abstract object encoding the truths of a mathematical theory.
How can an object, even an abstract object, come into being simply because a person pretends or makes believe?
No matter which way to carry out the object detection, the feature extraction uses multilayer convolution method, which can obtain the rich abstract object feature for the target object.
First of all, to concretize and visualise the abstract object. The metaphor is the "main mechanism" through which we comprehend abstract concepts and perform abstract reasoning.
Abstract object theorists such as Parsons (1980) take abstract particulars seriously and provide sophisticated theories about them, whereas some might hold that there are only concrete particulars and everything else supervenes on them.
One could observe that the probabilistic distribution of the verb object is likely to follow a decreasing pattern from literal (concrete object) to figurative (abstract object) to (possibly) implausible concrete objects and finally implausible abstract objects.
It is a completely physical language that has as words all visible objects, and an abstract object, invisible and non-existent, is not part of painting's domain.