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Inability to abstract with an overemphasis on specific details; seen in mental disorders, such as dementia and schizophrenia, and also normally in children.
[L. con-cresco, pp. -cretus, to grow together, harden]
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First of all, to concretize and visualise the abstract object.
Towards the city bay complete a small children~s playgroundas an abstract object ship and swing the Recreational.
Abstract object theorists such as Parsons (1980) take abstract particulars seriously and provide sophisticated theories about them, whereas some might hold that there are only concrete particulars and everything else supervenes on them.
It is a completely physical language that has as words all visible objects, and an abstract object, invisible and non-existent, is not part of painting's domain.
These sets may contain themselves, such as the set of abstract objects that is an abstract object, or they may not contain themselves.
Meinongians think it denotes a non-existent impossible abstract object that corresponds to the set of all and only those properties attributed in Hamlet to Hamlet.
But then it seems unintelligible how this timeless abstract object can be related to concrete particulars so as to locate them temporally.
Thus, to prove these theorems, we are going to have to talk about the abstract objects contained in the platonistic structures, and so there is no sense trying to avoid the claim that [psi] is an abstract object.
He plays with the notion of being colored and how that becoming obscures meaning (obscures the text) and also creates an abstract object.
7%) Table 4 "Marked" Subject and Object Types in Transactives SUN TIMES Abstract Object 31.
This abstract object model also partially defines a model of computation.