absolute pressure

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ab·so·lute pres·sure

pressure measured with respect to zero pressure. Compare: gauge pressure.
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The simulated squared absolute pressure of the reflected field is shown in Figure 5(a), in which a distinct focal spot appears.
Additionally, in accordance with Boyle's law, the volume of an otherwise fixed amount of undissolved gas increases, again, as its absolute pressure is reduced.
In the formula, [p.sub.u] is the absolute pressure of the gas in the upstream gas chamber of the orifice; [p.sub.d] is the absolute pressure of the gas in the gas chamber downstream of the orifice; [mu] is the Poisson's ratio of the gas; and [[rho].sub.u] is the density of the gas in the upstream gas chamber of the orifice.
The evaporation rates of water on the wood surface increase as absolute pressure decreases during the drying process (He et al.
Quantity (Z) is called the "compression factor", it is a useful measure of the deviation of a real gas (Eq.) from an ideal gas (Eq.) number of moles (mass), R = gas constant, T= absolute temperature, P = absolute pressure. The compression factor is defined by many methods, one of these as:
As a result, the powertrain control module can receive incorrect signals from the manifold absolute pressure sensor.
The VACUU VIEW model has a capacitive transducer for absolute pressure readings from atmosphere to 0.1 mbar/hPa with user-selectable units.
At a known temperature [T.sub.KM] of the rubber compound and an absolute pressure [p.sub.KM] between transmitter and receiver, these parameters are characteristic of the compound composition and quality (content, dispersion and distribution of fillers and additives).
Alicat Scientific's new MCD-Series Bidirectional Mass Flow and Pressure Controllers precisely and rapidly control mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate and absolute pressure of gases in two flow directions.
The absolute pressure will increase in the tank inversely with the decrease in gas volume according to Boyle's Law, [P.sub.1] [V.sub.1] = [P.sub.2] [V.sub.2].
Working in front of the camera, Glenda is acutely aware of the "absolute pressure to look good".