Absolute Strength

The maximum force that a muscle can produce in a single voluntary effort, regardless of the rate of production; specifically in body building, the maximum amount that a person can lift in one rep
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The result is that America's absolute strength remains considerable but its influence is fast diminishing.
The book's plot was interesting and the dialogue was excellent but the vibrant characters were the absolute strength of the novel - there was a protagonist to root for in Elliot, Teen Corner BY AMY SMITH, AGE15 villains we love to hate, and the crazy, colourful, Olympians as the supporting cast.
In this context, the one repetition maximum test (1RM) is commonly used to measure absolute strength (3,5).
You learn the meaning of pain and absolute strength when you talk to these people," said Salma Belal, an architect and one of the volunteers.
uk, the researchers analyzed the number of spectators at around 400 Test matches that took place in England, Australia and New Zealand between 1980 and 2012 and found that the closeness of contest has only a small effect and the most important factor affecting crowd numbers is the absolute strength of teams.
Absolute strength (bilateral and unilateral) was represented by peak force, with relative strength determined by dividing peak force (N) by body mass (kilograms converted to Newtons).
You have to have absolute strength of character to deal with setbacks, you have to have absolute courage in your convictions," stated Kenny, who has also managed Bohemians, Dunfermline and Derry City twice in his managerial career g to date.
Teams paired in competitive bouts would be disadvantaged, and teams paired off against teams that are relatively weaker, regardless of their own absolute strength, would be advantaged.
The absolute strength difference between legs was calculated as the strong leg minus the weak leg.
In line with this trend, the Samsonite Group, the worldwide leader in luggage, recently launched its Cosmolite range, its lightest luggage ever, in the Middle East, promising an unbeatable mixture of durability, incredible lightness and absolute strength.
The new Cosmolite offers a mix of durability, incredible lightness and absolute strength without compromising on a modern design for the discerning travellers across the Middle East.
Sadiq al-Ahmar, the leader of Hashid tribe in Yemen called on Yemenis to support the Palestinians to continue their struggle with absolute strength and steadfastness.