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We know with absolute certainty, without a shred of doubt, that this was a Hezbollah operation," Netanyahu said on Fox News on Sunday, as cited by The Hill.
One fact I can say with absolute certainty is simply this: if any member of the armed forces and indeed any associated branch of the armed forces was to raise one iota of criticism against the Royal family, be assured of one thing, their promotion chances would be absolutely zero.
Farid Niyazov said there was no absolute certainty concerning uninterrupted fuel supplies before.
One thing I think is an absolute certainty for next year is that the performance levels of athletes will once again be significantly raised," says Craven.
Det Insp Paul Joyce, who is leading the investigation, said: "We can't say with absolute certainty quite when she suffered the injuries, but there's a possibility she was attacked up to 12 hours before she was found.
We cannot stress enough the need for absolute certainty before confirming the nature of this incident.
However, the possible truth of such hypotheses implies only that I do not know with absolute certainty that there is such a world, and most of those same philosophers hold that knowledge does not require absolute certainty.
John Haylock wrote Absolute Certainty after a number of years helping Strategem (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers) in New Plymouth achieve breakthrough performances--and all through listening to what clients really want from their accountants: "great work delivered on time with no surprises".
WHENEVER I talk to people who regard religion as something completely absurd, what puzzles me often is not their views so much as the absolute certainty of their conviction which does not allow for any doubt in the believer.
Long experience and absolute certainty are requisite.
Although we acknowledge that future progress depends on many disparate groups, we can say with absolute certainty that the interests of the Baloch people and the cause of the missing will suffer a terrible blow if harm is done to John.
I can state this will absolute certainty because I have experienced it.