Aborted Suicide Attempt

A suicide attempt (with a sincere intent to die) terminated by the individual before incurring physical harm
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In 2005, 11 people died and about 180 were injured in another Metrolink crash when Juan Alvarez parked his sport utility vehicle on the tracks in Glendale in an aborted suicide attempt.
In one message Todd said he was in a 'dark place' and had 'destroyed himself' before an aborted suicide attempt two days before he was found dead.
Authorities say he had also slashed his wrists and stabbed himself at some point during his aborted suicide attempt.
During her enforced stay in the UAE her father died in what appeared to be an aborted suicide attempt last November.
26, 2005, Juan Manuel Alvarez allegedly deserted his Jeep on the train tracks during an aborted suicide attempt, causing a deadly chain reaction of crashes involving two Metrolink trains and a Union Pacific freight locomotive.
Juan Manuel Alvarez, 27, who abandoned his Jeep Cherokee on the tracks apparently during an aborted suicide attempt, pleaded not guilty to 11 counts of capital murder and is still awaiting trial.
The crash occurred when Juan Manuel Alvarez parked his sport-utility vehicle on the tracks in an alleged aborted suicide attempt, causing a chain-reaction crash and forever altering lives.
He stabbed at his wrists and chest with scissors, which led to early speculation that the crash was the result of an aborted suicide attempt.
GLENDALE - Metrolink has sued the man whose aborted suicide attempt is blamed for last week's deadly train derailment, a strategy that experts said might be a way to fend off lawsuits from victims and strengthen its legal position.
Touched off by an aborted suicide attempt, the chain-reaction collision left 11 people dead and nearly 200 injured just adjacent to Costco's parking lot.
Statements by law enforcement officials that the train crash was the result of an aborted suicide attempt don't support that notion, they said.