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MP Rantuana had wanted to know if the minister was aware that ablutions for special education students at Ramotswa Junior Secondary School were located outside the hostels.
Doors were damaged in each of these rooms to gain entry and food was stolen from the feeding scheme room, flush valves and piping from the ablutions, and computer towers and a radio from the classroom.
Among many prestigious characteristics of Quba Mosque, Prophet Muhammed said: "Whoever makes ablutions in this house and offers one prayer therein, will be rewarded the equivalent of one Umrah.
Post ablutions water analysis revealed that water treatment is required as an integral part of the proposed system due to health reasons.
It was noon when I went to the washroom to perform ablutions before the midday prayer.
Les enqueteurs de la surete de daira de Damous, wilaya de Tipasa, viennent de resoudre une enigmatique affaire de vol, dont la scene du crime n'est autre que la salle des ablutions de la mosquee de la ville.
The guest was allegedly using the water dispenser inside the reception hall for making ablutions for the evening prayer.
A large outdoor plaza contains an ablutions fountain and functions as an extra area for worshippers during peak times such as Ramadan and Friday afternoon prayers.
At about noon, one of the students, Hafiz Sufiyan, slipped into the river while performing ablutions.
At about noon, one of the students slipped into the river while performing ablutions and the JI leader jumped into the river in an attempt to save the young man.
Summary: Bomber blows himself up at entrance to mosque in capital's Shorja district as worshippers are performing ablutions ahead of midday prayers.
A BAHRAINI invention that helps Muslims perform ablutions before prayer has been installed at mosques.