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Used to describe a procedure involving removal of a tissue or body part, or destruction of its function.
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Q. SVT and AF, Hearts that go fast to slow or any others probs with the beats of any kind and Ablation of hearts I have had Ablation done once and I am still having passing out spells and still on 50mg toprol 2 times a day till two days ago, now I am on 150 to 200 aday again. Its not the first time I have had to up meds. I had ablation down 4/22/05. I can breath better now but but it didnt take it away as you can tell. Now Dr Leonardie would like to do it again . This is the big ????! Will it or can it work 100% this time, or will it hit and miss some again???? MTT

A. Well I can understand the frustration of having to go through this procedure yet another time. There are no guarantees in medicine. You should follow your doctor's advice, as another proceudre might be more helpful than the last one. However you should keep in mind that nothing is for sure.

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2.: Proportion of radical nephrectomy, partial nephrectomy and ablative procedures by state.
As laser resurfacing has evolved over the past several years, one thing remains the same: CO2 is the most effective modality for ablative resurfacing, and UltraPulse Encore is the CO2 laser technology of choice.
In this case the opposition between the three local cases, the lative (LOC+), locative (LOC=) and ablative (LOC-), is maintained, as in the case of the two other local case sets, the interior (s-set) and exterior (l-set) ones.
Another instance of merger of grammatical cases with local cases is the Ablative in Hinuq, Bezhta and Hunzib.
With the specification of source of action, the causee is not an accusative affected object or a dative subject, but rather an instrumental oblique, marked with an instrumental or ablative se.
The rules further define light emitting devices as "intense pulsedight, radiofrequency and medical microwave devices used for the treatment of dermatologic conditions or cosmetic procedures designed to disturb the epidermal exterior of the skin (whether the procedure is ablative or non-ablative).
One ablative option includes endoscopic mucosal resection using a cap-fitted endoscope.
Within less than an hour, a seamless polymer sleeve is accomplished, ready for coating with a laser ablative black mask, followed by digital imaging and conventional round processing.
Designed for professional application, a new ablative antifouling from Pettit Marine Paint has been added to the company's Procoatings line of antifouling paint.
* Appropriate treatment for HIV-infected women with CIN II (moderate to marked dysplasia) or CIN III (severe dysplasia) requires an ablative or excisional procedure.
Another relevant area of investigation is the use of anatomical and molecular image guidance for targeted treatment with ablative techniques or delivery of chemotherapeutic agents.