abductor pollicis brevis muscle

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Abductor Pollicis Brevis Muscle

A short flat skeletal muscle that abducts the thumb
Action Moves thumb anteriorly (from anatomic position of the body in space) toward the base of the fifth finger
Nerve Median nerve, recurrent branch
Origin Flexor retinaculum of hand, tubercle of scaphoid bone, and occasionally the tubercle of trapezium
Insertion Lateral base of first phalanx of thumb and capsule of metacarpophalangeal joint
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ab·duc·tor pol·li·cis brev·is mus·cle

(ab-dŭk'tŏr pol'li-sis brev'is mŭs'ĕl)
Superficial thenar muscle; origin, tubercle of trapezium and flexor retinaculum; insertion, lateral side of proximal phalanx of thumb; action, abducts thumb; nerve supply, median.
Synonym(s): musculus abductor pollicis brevis, short abductor muscle of thumb.
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abductor pollicis brevis muscle

Hand muscle. Origin: flexor retinaculum of wrist, scaphoid and trapezium bones. Insertion: lateral base of proximal phalanx of thumb. Nerve: median (C8-T1). Action: abducts thumb, aides in opposition with digit 5.
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