Abdominal Cocoon

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A descriptive term for the fibrotic encasement of the entire small intestine in sclerosing peritonitis, a spontaneous idiopathic process in young women, which follows peritoneovenous shunting, practolol therapy, peritoneal dialysis, chemotherapy, or in which other unknown toxins stimulate fibroblastic proliferation and reactive fibrosis
Treatment Surgical lysis of adhesions and constricting bands
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Tubercular abdominal cocoon is a rare cause of small bowel obstruction.
Despite an extensive search of available literature, we could not come across any similar case in which bowel being encased within a cocoon, that itself was encased within a larger cocoon, as reported here--an abdominal cocoon within a cocoon!
Abdominal cocoon presenting with early post operative small bowel obstruction is extremely rare entity.