Abdominal Cocoon

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A descriptive term for the fibrotic encasement of the entire small intestine in sclerosing peritonitis, a spontaneous idiopathic process in young women, which follows peritoneovenous shunting, practolol therapy, peritoneal dialysis, chemotherapy, or in which other unknown toxins stimulate fibroblastic proliferation and reactive fibrosis
Treatment Surgical lysis of adhesions and constricting bands
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Tuberculous abdominal cocoon - A report of 6 cases and review of the Literature.
In consideration of the abdominal cocoon and severe abdominal wall adhesion because of previous surgeries and repeat infection, the ablation was performed via a horizontal incision at left side of the abdomen, where the adhesion is the least.
Diagnostic laparoscopy in this era has a major role in the management of rare causes of intestinal obstruction such as abdominal cocoon (5).
Since it was first reported in 1907, the abdominal cocoon still remains uncommon as a cause of intestinal obstruction.