Abbott, Edville Gerhardt

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Edville Gerhardt, U.S. orthopedic surgeon, 1871-1938.
Abbott approach
Abbott arthrodesis
Abbott elevator
Abbott method - a method of treatment for scoliosis.
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The intervening cause of the collision was Raymans own conduct conduct that both was unrelated to the precise manner in which Abbott approached the intersection and amounted to more than contributory negligence, Judge Kurt Odenwald wrote for the court.
At a political event, Abbott approached Wilson wanting to talk about conference realignment.
Prosecutor Harry Hadfield said: "This time, they were armed with fence posts from a nearby garden when Grant Abbott approached the victim, took hold of him in a headlock and bit a section of his lower lip with his teeth, causing intense pain.
Soon after, Abbott approached King about possibly being a donor, but King says he didn't think too much of it.