Abbe-Zeiss apparatus

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Ernst Karl, German physicist, 1840-1905.
Abbé condenser - a system of two or three wide-angle, achromatic, convex, and planoconvex lenses.
Abbé-Zeiss apparatus - instrument for counting red blood cells in blood sample. Synonym(s): Thoma-Zeiss apparatus


Richard, German histologist, 1847-1923.
Thoma ampulla - a dilation of the arterial capillary beyond the sheathed artery of the spleen.
Thoma fixative - nitric acid in 95% alcohol, used for decalcifying bone in the preparation of histologic specimens.
Thoma law - the development of blood vessels is governed by dynamic forces acting on their walls.
Thoma-Zeiss apparatus - Synonym(s): Abbé-Zeiss apparatus


Carl, German optician, 1816-1888.
Abbé-Zeiss apparatus - see under Abbé, Ernst Karl
Thoma-Zeiss apparatus - Synonym(s): Abbé-Zeiss apparatus
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