Abbe, Robert

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Robert, U.S. surgeon, 1851-1928.
Abbe-Estlander cheiloplasty
Abbe flap - a full-thickness flap of the middle portion of the lower lip that is transferred into the upper lip, or vice versa.
Abbe intestinal anastomosis
Abbe neurectomy
Abbe operation - use of an Abbe flap in plastic surgery of the lips.
Abbe refractometer
Abbe repair
Abbe ring
Abbe small-bowel operation
Abbe stage I cheiloplasty
Abbe stage II cheiloplasty
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0ml water was obtained from standard calibration curves derived from refractometric technique using Abbe refractometer.
The Abbe refractometers sold today operate similarly to their predecessors, using the density of a sample to determine its refraction qualities.
The contract is for the supply of devices for microbiological laboratory equipment: Table licznikkolonii bacteria - 2 pcs, manual counter bacterial two pieces, a set of seven rapid microbiological tests, Abbe refractometer items first