Abbe flap

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Ab·be flap

triangular wedge of the lower lip (usually midline) transferred into the upper lip and vascularized by the labial artery. Compare: Estlander flap.

Ab·be flap

(ab'ē flap)
Colloquially called a "pedicle flap," this regional full-thickness flap (including skin and labial mucosa) is used to reconstruct medial defects of the opposing lip, especially bilateral cleft.


Robert, U.S. surgeon, 1851-1928.
Abbe-Estlander cheiloplasty
Abbe flap - a full-thickness flap of the middle portion of the lower lip that is transferred into the upper lip, or vice versa.
Abbe intestinal anastomosis
Abbe neurectomy
Abbe operation - use of an Abbe flap in plastic surgery of the lips.
Abbe refractometer
Abbe repair
Abbe ring
Abbe small-bowel operation
Abbe stage I cheiloplasty
Abbe stage II cheiloplasty

Ab·be flap

(ab'ē flap)
Triangular wedge of lower lip (usually midline) transferred into upper lip and vascularized by labial artery.