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Robert W., U.S. surgeon, 1851-1928. See: Abbe flap.


Ernst K., German physicist, 1840-1905. See: Abbé condenser.
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Silverman and Abbe, as a managing member of Iroquois Capital, may be deemed the beneficial owner of the 7,121,955 shares of Common Stock owned directly by Iroquois Master Fund.
It has lived up to Abbe and Stuart's dream by stocking a wide range of cooked meats, cheese, pasta, pastries, terrines, pies, bread and condiments from around the world as well as from closer to home with award-winning Welsh products such as Patchwork Pate, cheese from Caws Cenarth and local honey.
He joined Abbe Rous in 2003 after a career that first took him to the Loire Valley via Japan and New York.
I spoke to Selwyn Image, an English businessman who worked in the original Emmaus community in Paris with Abbe Pierre in the 1960s as a young student, and who later was instrumental in bringing the Emmaus movement to Great Britain.
French president Jacques Chirac said of Abbe Pierre: "He was an immense figure, our conscience, the incarnation of goodness.
Father of prehistory, Abbe Henri Breuil: his life and times.
By its silence, the Catholic hierarchy gives the impression of sanctioning the grave doctrinal errors of Abbe Gravel, it said.
Exhaustively compiled and adroitly edited by Elfrieda Abbe, The Writer's Handbook 2005 features articles from top writers worldwide offering tips, tricks, and techniques for both the process of writing and the difficulties of earning a living at the craft.
ABBE Inglis and Ian Le Pelley are leaving London and heading to Japan and Malaysia to cycle 5,000 miles on a tandem.
Phillips' attorney, Abbe Lowell, stated: "We are pleased that this matter has finally been resolved.
With the success of deaf education through the efforts of Abbe de l'Epee in France during the late eighteenth century, Spanish deaf education benefited from increased royal patronage and closer pedagogical contact with its neighbor to the north.