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Joseph Louis Irénée Jean, French neurosurgeon, 1873-1946. See: Abadie sign of tabes dorsalis.
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Abadie, Director of Material Sourcing for Lockheed Martin.
Laurent Abadie, stated, "We know that the cardiovascular health bill in Europe is over €190 billion a year.
Summary: BEIRUT: Lebanese Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) suffer from a number of constraints, but the inadequate energy infrastructure in particular is a tremendous obstacle to their performance, said Chargee d'Affaires at the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon Cecile Abadie.
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Honorees include James Abadie, Bovis Lend Lease, LMC, Inc; Kenneth Durr, Durr Mechanical Construction, Inc; Bob Durr, Durr Mechanical Construction, Inc; Chris Ward, Port Authority of NY & NJ; James H.
The show, curated by Daniel Abadie with Cecilia Scharlach and Michel Ricard, promises two full rooms of Brasiliana--revel yet again in the synthetic splendors of a Jet Age city in the bush
Abadie choreographed this conference, reminds us in his introduction to the volume why this particular author merits such revisitation.
Professor Marc JM ABADIE is professor at the Universite Montpellier 2, Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc and head of Laboratory of Polymer Science and Advanced Organic Materials - LEMP/MAO.
Paul's Homecoming Center's Connie Uddo; LATAN's Jamie Landry Karam; and Advocacy Center's Jeannie Abadie.
Laurent Abadie, stated, "We at Panasonic see the CardioHealth Station as a step forward in personalized preventive medicine.