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Charles D., U.S. physician, 1866-1951. See: Aaron sign.


in the Old Testament of the Bible, Moses' brother.
Aaron rod - walking stick (rod) with one serpent twined around it, used as a symbol for medicine.
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Recently retired NBC anchor Tom Brokaw knew Aarons for more than three decades and counted him as a close friend.
Aarons, whose grandparents were Jewish Latvian immigrants, grew up in the Bronx, N.
Aarons & Associates has expanded its coverage area to include all of the New York metropolitan area
Aarons formed Millennium Partners in 1991 with Philip H.
Most people said we were stupid; we saw opportunity," said Aarons.
Aarons said the project was designed to comply with all Americans With Disabilities Act provisions, and one of the elevators is strictly to provide handicapped access to the mezzanine level projection booths in case one of the projectionists is handicapped.
At times, AARON was quite autonomous of Cohen, responsible for the composition, coloring, and other aspects of a work; more recently, AARON served Cohen by making drawings that he would develop into paintings.
The entire album has been recorded in Aaron and Sarah's home studio in Brooklyn, NY.